About Us

Following on from the success of The Scottish Italian Awards, Our restaurant competes and win the English Italian Awards. We pride ourselves on being the fairest contester in the country. Alessandro Borzone is an award-winning celebrity chef and restaurateur who specialises in Italian, vegetarian, seafood and meat cuisine. He was born in a small town called Alba in the northern Italian region of Piemonte and first learnt Italian home cooking from his mother in Italy and catering college. He was the founder and chef of some of Piemontese most exciting and innovative restaurants. In 2005 Alessandro helped launch upmarket Italian restaurant in England until he decided to open his own restaurant and serve what in Italy will be very much liked.

It is impossible to think about Italy without thinking of delicious Italian food. The Italian kitchen is central to the hearts and minds of Italian families.

What do we do at our restaurant?

An "indispensable Italian Restaurant of Scarborough”, the restaurant serves healthy and traditional Italian pizza and pasta with a contemporary flair. With many awards and nominations over the last 8 years, Alessandro showcases the gastronomic heritage of Italy with critically acclaimed pizzas, pasta, fish and meat dishes. Unlike many other restaurants that claim to cook pizzas the Italian way, our real oven ensures extraordinarily tasty and authentic pizzas, using the finest, Italian toppings. The emphasis has always been on quality and freshness, not just the fish dishes, but also for the meat and lamb. Expect fine dining but a warm and welcoming atmosphere, nothing stuffy! The Pomodoro team are always on hand to make your dining experience one that you will be sharing with your friends, keeping you returning time and time again. From a family dinner to a special birthday, book today on 01723 507336 and enjoy some of the best pizza and Italian food Scarborough has to offer.